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Flush bottom ball valve

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Contruction  1 piece  2 piece  Atuated and manual also
BS -5351 /API  -602
Ball design Floating design and Trunion mounted on request
Size  40 NB  TO 150 NB
Port /Bore Full bore  
Rating  ASME B 16.5 - CLASS ASA 150 # & 300 #
End connection FLANGEND 
MOC 304  / 316 / 316 l  FEP & PFA lined also
Specillity Fire safe  / Jaketed (on request ) 
Power operator Quarter tern pnumatic actuated / sinlge and double acting
Type Rack & Pinion / Scotch & Yoke / Vane
Duty On / off
Accssories  Solenoid Valves, Limit / Proximity Switch Box, Air Filter R
  Manual Over-ride, Electro-Pneumatic Positioner, I-P Converter

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Flush bottom ball valve

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